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Offer: Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottle 125ml = 2 Anti-Colic Teats 6M+ Free

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Offer: Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 125ml = 2 Free Anti-Colic Teats 6M+:

  • Anti-colic baby bottle 125ml:

Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort

Designed for uninterrupted feeding

  • 1 bottle
  • 125 ml
  • Newborn flow pacifier
  • 6 months and over
Clinically proven: Anti-Colic Valve reduces the risk of colic*

Clinically proven: Anti-Colic Valve reduces the risk of colic

Our anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air from entering your baby's stomach, reducing the risk of colic and discomfort. When your baby feeds, the valve built into the teat flexes so air penetrates to the bottom of the bottle to prevent air gaps. This ensures that air remains in the bottle instead of being ingested by the baby, reducing the risk of colic and discomfort.

60% less irritability at night*

60% less irritability at night

The Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle reduces irritability. Babies fed the Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle experience a 60% reduction in irritability at night, compared to babies fed a competing Anti-Colic bottle.

Its grooved texture prevents the pacifier from being crushed, for uninterrupted feeding< /source>

Its grooved texture prevents the pacifier from being crushed, for uninterrupted feeding

The pacifier has a shape that promotes good suction and its grooved texture prevents it from being crushed, for comfortable and uninterrupted feeding.

Easy to clean and assemble thanks to fewer parts

Easy to clean and assemble thanks to fewer parts

Our Anti-colic bottle has few parts, for quick and easy assembly.

Easy to use

Easy to get started

The unique shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold in any direction.

Baby bottle with wide neck and rounded corners for easy cleaning< /source>

Baby bottle with wide neck and rounded corners for easy cleaning

Thanks to its wide neck and fewer parts, our bottle is easier to assemble and clean quickly and carefully.

This bottle contains 0% BPA< /picture>

This bottle contains 0% BPA

This Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle is made with 0% BPA (PP) materials.

Different pacifier flow rates available

Different nipple flow rates available

The Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle range offers different nipple flow rates, depending on the maturity of your baby. Note that the suggested ages are approximate since babies develop at different rates. All teats are available in sets of two with the following flow rates: newborn, slow, medium, fast, variable and thickened liquids.

Leak-proof design

Our Anti-Colic bottle is designed to prevent leaks, for a peaceful feeding.

Range of compatible products, from breast pump to cup.

Mix and use breast pump parts, bottles and cups as needed to create your ideal product!

  • 2 Classic Anti-Colic Fast Flow Teats 6M+:

With the Avent BPA-Free Pacifier, your baby controls the flow of milk just like when they're at the breast, which can help prevent excess and spit-up. A unique and flexible anti-colic skirt lets air enter the bottle for a natural feeding, activated and controlled by baby. The unique non-return valveat the base of the teat , flexes to let in air and fill the void created by swallowed milk, at a pace that your baby controls. This reduces colic and promotes natural breastfeeding, activated and controlled by your baby. When your child drinks from the Avent bottle, you can see the bubbles moving away from the teat and towards the bottom of the bottle - this ensures that air goes into the bottle and not into your child's stomach. baby. Promotes mixed breastfeedingThe Avent pacifier is soft, anatomically shaped : It encourages your baby to open their mouth wide and naturally suits the way a newborn positions their mouth (tongue, lips and jaws) to nurse. It thus facilitates breast/bottle alternation. Which pacifier should you choose for your baby? Suggested ages are approximate as the Babies develop at different rates. You will understand that your baby is ready for a faster flow when he/she tries to suck harder to speed up the arrival of milk. Additionally, some babies get upset or seem tired during feedings. 1 hole: 0 months +.
  • Newborn flow.
  • Extra-soft silicone pacifier, ideal for newborns and breastfed babies (of all ages).

4 holes: 6 months +

  • Fast flow
  • Soft silicone pacifier
  • Fast flow for older babies