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Medela  |  SKU: F-104

Medela Brush with Base

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The Medela Quick Clean™ Bottle Brush provides deep, gentle cleaning for peace of mind when washing your bottles, pacifiers and pumping equipment.

At a glance:

  • Unique 180° bristle design for spray-free, mess-free cleaning
  • Leaves no milk residue
  • Flexible head with wave-shaped bristles that conform to the contours of your bottle
  • Teat cleaner with spiral-shaped edges removes residue from hard-to-reach places in teats and pump parts
  • Protects glass and plastic from scratches
  • Holder stores brush upright for quick, hygienic drying
  • BPA-free

Why might I need a bottle cleaning brush ?

If you express and feed your baby expressed breast milk, it is very important to wash your breastfeeding accessories, such as bottles, after use (and disinfect them once a day) for you ensure they are clean and safe. Specially designed for baby bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps, the brush Medela Quick Clean™ baby bottles keeps everything clean with ease. The flexible brush head with 180° bristles reaches every nook and cranny, so no milk is left behind. Plus, it features a handy nipple cleaner that is cleverly ridged to remove residue from delicate areas of baby bottle nipples.

How to keep baby bottles clean?

After each use, breast milk bottles should be taken apart and washed immediately in warm, soapy water. This removes any traces of milk that could dry out and harbor bacteria. span> Using your Quick Clean™ Bottle Brush will help you get straight to hard-to-reach areas. Once you are finished, rinse the bottle parts thoroughly in drinking water and let them dry on a clean cloth. Return your clean bottle brush to its holder between uses - this stores it upright for quick, hygienic drying.  span>And remember, you need to disinfect baby bottles before using them for the first time, and once a day thereafter - check out our article Cleaning Your Equipment of breast pumps for more details.

Caring for your bottle brush

Before using your Medela Quick Clean™ brush for the first time, wash it in warm soapy water. You can also clean it in the top rack of the dishwasher. It is not necessary disinfect your bottle cleaning brush between uses by boiling it or putting it in a sterilizer. You should also not sterilize it in the microwave or steam. We recommend replacing the brush every 30 to 45 days, or if it shows signs of wear.